If I Were an Adult by Ian L.

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If I were an adult for one day. I would go to work in the morning. I would be an architect and go to my firm. I would finish of a huge building that I had been designing for a couple weeks with my colleagues. All the people I would work with would be really nice and good at their job. I would be really good friends with my boss like my mom is with her boss. If I were married I would get to tell my children (if I had any) to do something, and if they asked why I would reply, “Because I said so.” I would live in a nice neighborhood. I would have designed my own house and it would be big but not too big.

I would really like to become an architect when I grow up and I hope I do. I want to become an architect because I used to draw castles when I was a “kid”. Unfortunately or fortunately I am not an adult yet and still have many years until then.

3 thoughts on “If I Were an Adult by Ian L.

  1. I have always had an interest in architecture, but I am a horrible artist. I don’t think I will be an architect, but your story made me think about what I could do as an architect. Awesome post. I like your future job.

  2. You use your artistic talent in so many ways. Is there a medium you have not explored yet in art that you are curious about?

  3. I love it! So artistic. I suppose it is wise to be good friends with your boss……


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