No More Laptops by Ian L

Picture Drawn by Ian

When we got our laptops, I thought it would be an eternity until it was my time to give them up, but that time has come and gone. Only next week I will have to give up the laptop I have had for months now. I think I have the same feeling about the laptops that I had in the beginning of the pilot. I don’t really think that they are necessary for the learning of students; my laptop did not help me like I would have liked it to. Maybe my expectations were to high, or maybe laptops just aren’t for me.

I do not really think that not having laptops will do anything to me. This is because in English class if we need computers than we can get some from the laptop cart outside our room. I don’t use laptops for any other subject like many people do. Overall, I had a good time with the laptops, but I haven’t grew my school life around it. In other words, I don’t depend on it to do my school work.

However, I believe that technology is the future. And to maximize the learning of students, I think that Durham Academy should go on with the program. I think that if the Board of Directors sees fit for this to go school-wide, it will be a net-positive for the school. In the time we have had our laptops, I have seen many people working, doing homework, and using the laptops in creative, educational ways. This is why, even if it doesn’t work as well for me, I say again that we should go on with this project.

4 thoughts on “No More Laptops by Ian L

  1. My experience with the laptops has been very unlike Ian’s, quite the opposite if his. I take to most of my classes, and use it sometimes. At home the laptop has become something that I can’t really stay away from. That’s a good thing. Although I have added weight to my bookbag, my laptop saves me time, by not having to write down a lot of my homework, using moodle instead. The iPad, that some of my friends have, I am interested to see how they are used. I think the iPads are much more portable, and can be used more. I like the laptops, but if the board is going for something that is light, and will relieve textbooks from our bags, I think the iPads might actually be better. Great post Ian, I think that the Board of Directors might take some interest in your thoughts about the pilot

  2. Ian,
    I think it would be an eternity too, but then again, my mom would not let me take it home, so I could hardly use it at all.

  3. Thanks! I like how you countered my view, while adding to the post. I am sure there are many people like you. I am glad that you can use the laptops more than I can. Also it is another reason for the pilot to go forward; like you, many people use there laptops for many of their classes.

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