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  1. 18joshk at |

    My experience with the laptops has been very unlike Ian’s, quite the opposite if his. I take to most of my classes, and use it sometimes. At home the laptop has become something that I can’t really stay away from. That’s a good thing. Although I have added weight to my bookbag, my laptop saves me time, by not having to write down a lot of my homework, using moodle instead. The iPad, that some of my friends have, I am interested to see how they are used. I think the iPads are much more portable, and can be used more. I like the laptops, but if the board is going for something that is light, and will relieve textbooks from our bags, I think the iPads might actually be better. Great post Ian, I think that the Board of Directors might take some interest in your thoughts about the pilot

  2. Rod P at |

    I think so too Ian!

  3. 18martabc at |

    I think it would be an eternity too, but then again, my mom would not let me take it home, so I could hardly use it at all.

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