Problem Solving With the Tech Project by James

In LA we did a project on the iPads. For my project, I did a video of useful apps on the iPad. I used the camera app on Cole’s iPad and I then realized that there was no way to get it out of that app. Just to be sure we went to the Technology teacher, Mr. Schaefer. When we learned that even he didn’t know how to get it out of the camera app, we realized we would have to do it in a different app. So I used a camera to record it and I tried to put the recording in an email. It turns out the recording was too big to go in an email. Mrs. Donnelly then helped us put the video in Voicethread, where we added an intro and sent the project back to Mrs. Donnelly. This is how we problem solved in the technology project.

Cartoon drawing of a man thinking

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  1. Nice picture. Great post. What were you thinking about when Mr. Schaefer informed you that he did not know how to get the picture off of the iPad? I like how actually tell how you solved the problem.

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