Jonas’s First Memory by Ian L

In The Giver by Louis Lowry Jonas is being trained as a Receiver. The current Receiver gives Jonas memories. This is Jonas’s job: to hold the memories for his community. The first memory that the Receiver (The Giver) gives Jonas, is sledding down a hill. Jonas did not know what downhill, snow, or sled meant, but after many more memories he understood.

If I was the Giver and had to give Jonas his first memory, I would give him a memory of the beach. I would have him lying on the sand, and see all the different colors at the beach: yellow, green, blue. All of these would see. He would also learn about the ocean. This would be a nice memory for him.


Picture from Wikimedia Commons


One thought on “Jonas’s First Memory by Ian L

  1. I think that that would be a good memory to give Jonas. I think it would show him how much the community is missing.

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