River Rocks by James

If the world was

a river,

Then people would

be the

River Rocks


Some of us are


And some of us are

Some of us have been
by the current of the
And by the ways of
This world

Some of us are
young and loose,
Trying to find our
place in this
Pebbles of all shapes and sizes
River of a world

Some of us stay in
not bothering with
the Lone Ones
Some of us are the
Lone Ones,
ashamed of our
and trying
but not
in following the flow
of the

4 thoughts on “River Rocks by James

  1. W-O-W! What was your inspiration to write this? It is amazing! Thanks for sharing it on the blog. I am going to write a poem like yours in another comment. You inspired me to write more!

  2. If the world was a flower,
    the people would be the seeds,
    they would be big and small.
    Some would have been carried away, some would be eaten by birds and others would be on a journey.
    Some have just been planted, having no idea what’s to come next.
    Some are in a garden and some are alone in their own field
    Some will wilt, Some will try, Some will grow
    Some will become flowers and start the cycle again.

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