Chapter 6 in Vocab World by Matthew

Hello guys! I’m sorry for the wait on chapter 5, but it is out there now! Today I have chapter 6 ready. The next chapter will be really good.


NOTICE!!! There is only one more week of vocab left so I will not be posting that for my story. Once I have ten comments on what words I should use for the next chapter I will write and post. If you do give a word, Thank you so much for contributing to my story! If I don’t use it in the next chapter, it will be in a chapter, so don’t worry!

Chapter 6

Snowi, Simwin, or Snow?

        Sorry for messing up last chapter, but I think you will enjoy this one. The people I am going to talk about are Snow, “I COME FIRST!!!” yelled Simwin. “Thanks for interrupting me Simwin. By the way, Simwin is as bizzare as an alien. “NO I AM NOT YOU _____” yelled Simwin. “I don’t think I would like you to say that last word.” I replied. Simwin stormed off to his room. He does that sometimes. Anyways, Snowi hates the snow. “NO I DO NOT!” He yelled. “Neither does Snow. “Get your mind right for once May!” yelled Snow. “Oh, wait, I can say as much bad stuff about Simwin!” I whispered. “STOP!” Snowi yelled. “Do you guys know how to laugh or not? I thought you tried to do it every day! I mean, week!” Simwin never has sent a billet-doux in his life. He is planning on it though. I’m not sure to who, Hark could tell you. Anyways, His cuisine is very ambrosial, for he really likes the Greek gods. Snowi likes celestial food so thats what he calls it and Simwin gets really mad. Simwin is really sad all the time because our parents died in the holocaust. I get sort-of sad too because now I take over the family because I’m thirteen. Good thing Simwin can cook or else we would be bankrupt. Snow can jump, then gyrate with halcyonly. “WHERE’S MY GAUNTLET!” yelled Snow. Snow has this amphibious gauntlet that he likes. “IT’S IN THE CLOSET” I yelled back. “MATTHEW! GOOD NEWS!!! YOU’RE GOING TO BE ON WHEEL OF FORTUNE THIS THURSDAY!” yelled Mark. I checked my watch. It was Tuesday.

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