Voice Cards by Michiko

Voice Cards

Photo from Mrs. Donnelly

 I use Voice Cards to study every week. It works for vocabulary and even French. I just put the word and the definition in and then record myself saying the word. Once I do that for all of my words I save it and then start studying. There are many modes on Voice Cards. I can shuffle the words, change the mode to question only, answer only, or both, and I can just shake it to make it go to the next word. After I have studied for a while, thanks to Voice Cards, I are ready for your quiz.

8 thoughts on “Voice Cards by Michiko

  1. What helps you when using voice cards for French? I usually study with my textbook for French.

  2. I have tried it using French but I usually use my textbook also. I prefer my textbook but when I tried using voice cards it worked.

  3. I like quizlet a little bit better but voice cards is good too, because you can search for quizlet sets and use them.

  4. What do you think is the best part about voice cards? About how long does it take for you to create a new deck of voice cards?

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