Poems Alex P.


I couldn’t do my homework because I was on a run,

I didn’t shoot the basketball because I was blinded by the sun,

I will not go to bed because now I want a bath,

And I didn’t pay attention in class for I dislike math,

In art my work was messy because I didn’t use the stencil,

And now I can’t finish my report ‘cause I broke my pencil,

All of my excuses that I wanted to say,

Well, did they get me out of trouble… just for today?


Wispy cotton floating in the heavens,

Like fluffy sheep in a blue pasture,

Slowly being persuaded by the nagging wind


The heavens boom ominously,

The sky crying and shedding infinite tears,

Turning the earth into limpid pools

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6 thoughts on “Poems Alex P.

  1. Thanks guys!
    @19julia: I was required to write poetry at my old school and that made me kind of like it.

    @19bella: Thanks! I think you should be one too! Your writing style is really fun to read!

    @19Ellie: That’s a good one! The only problem is I can’t think of another excuse that rhymes with it. Thanks though!

    @19katie: Thanks! That’s my favorite too!

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