The Mistreated Mongoose By: Ryan

The Mistreated Mongoose

Mongoose had a very dull colored coat and was very quiet. Everyone taunted him and treated him badly. Snake was cunning and his scales were a glittering black. Everyone praised him while he showed off boastfully and made jokes about how lame Mongoose was. Mongoose however, would always be in the back miserable like always. Every night Mongoose would have to fight through the crowd to get home. Then he would cry himself to sleep. Every day it was the same routine.

One day, while Mongoose was catching mice, he came across Snake.

“Get out of the way furball!” Snake said.

“No! Worm face!” Replied Mongoose

“What did you call me?” Said Snake small hiss escaping his mouth.

“Worm face,” Mongoose answered this time, in a low growl.

A small crowd was gathering around them and gradually growing larger. There were people shifting uneasily and some very awkward silence. Then somebody in the crowd started chanting, “Fight! Fight! Fight!” He was slowly joined by others. A smile was forming on Snake’s lips as he slithered to the center of the commotion. Everyone was sure that Snake would win. He had the skills, the looks, the speed, and the strength. What they didn’t know was that Mongoose had some of the same qualities. Snake lunged at Mongoose who easily pranced out of the way. Snake didn’t give up but each time Mongoose would dart out of reach. Mongoose finally took his chance and pinned snake down. Nobody knows how hard Snake struggled to wriggle out of the position but he failed. Snake then pleaded Mongoose for mercy.

“Worm Face,” Mongoose said cooly when he actually was snickering to himself. With that Mongoose bit down hard on Snake’s neck and killed him. Mongoose had a fine dinner for himself that night and got more respect that he ever deserved.

Moral: Looks can be deceiving.

2 thoughts on “The Mistreated Mongoose By: Ryan

  1. I like this story. I him that the snake should have been a cobra, since mongoose(s) are immune to cobra venom. The snake should have bitten mongoose, then mongoose doesn’t die.

  2. Nice Job! It would cool to see more of these stories, of how certain animal hunters became hunted.

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