Hero Project by Julia K.









Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

In late January, we made hero pop up books in Language Arts class. I really enjoyed this experience because we got to be creative and we also got to make something that means a lot to other people. I chose to write about my father, Dave King, as my hero. I really enjoyed the experience of working with an artist and our books even got to go on display at the FRANK Gallery! We had a reception last week where the sixth grade, families, and heroes were invited to the gallery to see our books! My dad was out of town at the time so we went a few weeks ago. I had a great time at the FRANK Gallery because all of my friends were there and we all got to look at the books together! The display where the books are is so beautiful and it seems made for our books! Even though there were some ups and downs in making these books, overall I have had a great experience and I’m sorry that it is over.

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