Hero Books by Lana K.

Photos by Mrs. Donnelly

This semester in Language Arts we created books about a hero that we have. There was a literary and an artistic concept to this project. For the literary part, we wrote about our hero. We had to write an introduction to the project, a paragraph about their childhood, three different paragraphs about three different characteristics your hero obtains, and a paragraph about how your hero has impacted your life. For the artistic aspect, we created a scene that is important to us with our hero by stamping patterns, cutting, and layering paper.

For my hero, I chose my dad. The hardest part of this project was probably going through the editing process of my writing. The easiest (and most fun, in my opinion) was creating my scene. In my scene, my dad and I were walking through New York City, enjoying the city scenery, for my 10th birthday. Overall, I really loved creating my hero books and I’m sure all of the heroes enjoyed them, too.

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5 thoughts on “Hero Books by Lana K.

  1. I really enjoyed reading your book at the gallery! You had some very creative writing! I also like your two pictures!

  2. I really liked how you made the New York buildings colorful in your setting!😉

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