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  1. 19alex at |

    I agree! In my case, I wrote about my grandfather and it felt refreshing to hear those stories again. It keeps tradition and pride in the family😉

  2. 19lana at |

    I had trouble picking who I was going to do, too! Your book was great!! You’re so artistic!

  3. 19bella at |

    Me too, I chose my dad and it was hard. My sister did her hero project on my dad too two years ago, so I wanted to do my mom but decided to change back…

  4. pdonnelly at |

    @Franny You are always so thoughtful. It is a very tough decision to make when writing about one person for this project. You were one of the only ones who was able to focus your story on your hero and yet bring in another very special person in your life in a way that honored both of them without taking away from the other. In addition, your art work is incredible! I like the peacefulness of the person sitting near the tree. Sometimes I’d like to jump instead your head and stay for a while!

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