The Giver Assignment by Lana K.

In Language Arts we just started reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. In The Giver, at the age of 12, each child is given an Assignment. Their Assignment is their job for the rest of their lives. Their Assignment is selected very carefully by the Council of the Elders.

If I were to select my own Assignment, as if I was in The Giver, I would choose to be a Teacher for the Fours. I love children and it’s excited for me when they get the hang of something new! I would be very pleased if the Council of Elders chose that Assignment for me.

What Assignment would you select for yourself?


One thought on “The Giver Assignment by Lana K.

  1. Great post! I love children too. If I could be picked for an “assignment” I would definitely wanna be a teacher too!

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