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So, as you know, we are reading The Giver. Since it is an ideal society, there must be ideal teachers. In my mind an ideal teacher must be a lot of things. One is interesting! I have had a lot of teachers that are just reading from the book and don’t make an effort to get the kids engaged and involved. This is mainly in history because there are few other ways to get the proper information they need to know to them. Well this year I have a history teacher that uses one of the other ways! She doesn’t use the textbook most of the time and she rarely gives homework! Most of the homework is reading the textbook on your own but that is like once every three weeks!

Now I know that you think that I picked her as an example of an ideal teacher just because she doesn’t give homework often but that is wrong! She doesn’t believe in homework because she thinks other things such as sleep and exercise are better. Another thing that makes me very interested is she often tells you these facts that you would not normally know about. Some days we spend the whole period discussing a topic such as the war going on in Afghanistan and in Iraq while we are studying the Middle East. Another thing that we do often are Keynote presentations. We actually just finished one about certain regions of India. We have done several of these throughout the year and they really help you remember information while you are still interested and involved. What is awesome about this approach on teaching is that not only are we enjoying the class but we actually make high grades and have high class averages!!

So an ideal teacher to me makes learning interesting, fun, involving, and informing!


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