Membean by Lana K.

This year in Language Arts, we have started using Membean. Membean is a website designed for you to learn more vocabulary.

The learning process starts off with you learning a new word and its definition. On the same page there are many different things for you to learn or to help the word stick in your head. For example, there is a picture that helps depict (a word I learned on Membean) the word. Also, there is a memory hook such as a riddle or something else that helps you remember the word and the roots of the word.

Although, you don’t just see the word one time, there will be questions for you to answer about the word or about what it means. Also, word maps show up with synonyms of the word or words that describe it and you choose, out of four choices, which word the adjectives describe. You will see the pictures again, as well, and have to write which word it illustrates.

Overall, I think Membean is a great website. My vocabulary has expanded ten times since I began it and I’m pretty happy with it. If you are interested in extending your vocabulary skills, go to Membean!


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