Count to Ten

One of your curious questions is how to count to ten in Hindi. Try it!


Zero (0) शुन्य (०) śunya/siphar
One (1) एक (१) ēk
Two (2) दो (२) do
Three (3) तीन (३) teen
Four (4) चार (४) chaār
Five (5) पांच (५) pānch
Six (6) छः (६) cha
Seven (7) सात (७) saāt
Eight (8) आठ (८) āṭh
Nine (9) नौ (९) nau
Ten (10) दस (१०) dus

2 thoughts on “Count to Ten

  1. I really liked your running blog. I can tell how hard it is to do a seven or eight mile run, because I play golf and I have to walk about six miles and that’s hard. I also liked how you think when you run. Good luck.


  2. Drawing gives me time to think. I think of what I did today, was I on task or was I playing around. Also I think of what makes me Brent. And when it comes to studying, glasses help me concentrate. They help me because when I think of glasses I think of nerds and I really want to be a nerd not cool and funny. And running is very hard you just have to go 110%. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR RUNNING.

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