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  1. 21amandat at |

    Sounds super fun! Was the ricks haw fun to ride in? I love you pictures! Especially the one of you in the rickshaw.

  2. 21alexeib at |

    Wow that seems great! I miss India, and I went there once. I don’t remember where exactly. Somewhere on the south coast and it was really nice, lots of poverty though.

  3. 21olivieroz at |

    That sounds really cool! I am looking forward to hearing more about your trip! That’s cool that they use rickshaw as everyday transportation.

  4. 21carinar at |

    That looks so fun, I wish I could be there! Was it bumpy at all?

  5. 21jackp at |

    That looks like fun. I wish I could see India. It seems like a cool place.

  6. 21rachelu at |

    Mrs.D, it really looked crowded there. It was probably really tough to bike with people in the backseat. I really miss you and hope you are having a great time.

  7. 21andrias at |

    I love the video! It really made me feel like I was in India with you.

  8. 26shriyad at |

    Hope you had a lot of fun! When I go to India, I normally go to Maharashtra. We go to towns like Mumbai and Aurangabad. What is your favorite town in India?

  9. 27ganapathip at |

    When we go to India we go to my mom’s city and stay at my uncle’s house. We usually go around by a auto-rickshaw because his house is near the downtown and it’s super crowded.

  10. 27ganapathip at |

    Driving generally in India is very hard, you have to dodge cows, people and cars

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