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  1. 21sierrab at |

    You described what Dawali is very well. The pictures are so beautiful. My favorite pictures are the third picture and the last one. It must have been so fun to see all those candles and fireworks. I hope I can go to India and see Dawali someday.

  2. 21chrisb at |

    Are the sweets in the picture traditional Mithai? What are they made of?

  3. Jackson at |

    The festival of Diwali sounds so beautiful and colorful! It also sounds like a very big deal to the people of India as well. Your last picture looked amazing.

  4. 21jackp at |

    Diwali looks like it’s fun. The preparations are huge, so it must be big right? I don’t know much about this, so it’s fun to learn about it.

  5. 21alexp at |

    I really like the part about food. I bet it is really good!

  6. 21andrias at |

    I love the pictures that you took. You made something from their everyday life unique and special. It really captures how colorful India is. I hope you are having a great time in India!

  7. 21amandat at |

    Dawali sounds amazing! All the pictures are wonderful, my favorite one is the second photo of the rainbow dust. It sounds so wonderful, and magical to have a holiday of lights. It reminds me of the Forth Of July. A feast of sweets sounds enchanting, I love sweets!

  8. 21blakes at |

    I think this festival looks very cool and very fun to watch. Lots of lights and cool colors. I think it is very cool why they celebrate it also.

  9. 21gavinz at |

    I loved your pictures, and it must be so cool seeing that. I want to go there when I get the chance!

  10. 21olivieroz at |

    WOW! That sounds so cool. I really liked how you described it. The pictures were really good.

  11. 21carinar at |

    Wow, that looks like an awesome experience. It’s so beautiful, I bet it looks way better in the flesh though. How did you guys celebrate? Did you go somewhere?

  12. 21graceb at |

    It must have been amazing. Did you put out any candles?

  13. 21tobyh at |

    Diwali must be a really beautiful holiday in India. I hope you are having a wonderful time in India. We miss you!

  14. 21nikw at |

    I celebrated this so it relates to me!

  15. 21helenew at |

    These pictures are amazing. They are so colorful and capture the moment so well. I hope I can go to India one day and see this in person.

  16. 21jadens at |

    All of these pictures are gorgeous! I liked how you used great detail to tell and describe Diwali and what it is.

  17. Mrs. Saffo-C. at |

    Your pictures and writings make me feel as if I am on your journey too! What a beautiful experience to share with your mom. Safe travels home!

  18. 21johnp at |

    That looks like hard work and yummy food! I know I would love Diwali.

  19. 21elizabethg at |

    Diwali sounds like a great holiday. Recognizing the light in others is important. I think your photos are beautiful and I hope I can someday experience seeing all the lights and candles shinning.

  20. 21hutchc at |

    WOW, that made me speechless for a little. It’s so beautiful there. I bet it’s good to see your mother too. Thanks for all the pictures.

  21. 21colbyp at |

    My little sister has a friend who is Indian in origin, and when her friend didn’t come, she thought that there was no school because of Diwali.

  22. 21abbyg at |

    The pictures are amazing. Was the festival beautiful? I bet it was.

  23. Lillian at |

    All of your pictures are so beautiful! I love the picture of the desert, which looks delicious! Diwali sound so fun based on what you have described it as.

  24. 21helenh at |

    That is very beautiful! I like how they put some of the candles in a colorful design.

  25. 21helenh at |

    That is very beautiful! I like how they put some of the candles in a colorful design. It looks amazing.

  26. 21elizabethk at |

    The colors are very bright. The desert looks very tasty.

  27. 21brockb at |

    This pictures are amazing. India sounds very fun and exciting. Thank you for describing Diwali.

  28. 21lilyg at |

    India is so pretty! I’ve seen so many pictures and every one is beautiful. Diwali seems very fun to celebrate! I hope you have a great time in India!

  29. 21johnd at |

    I like the second picture because it has vibrant colors.

  30. 21johnd at |

    I also like the third picture.

  31. 21isabelleb at |

    Those colors of the dyes were beautiful.

  32. 25shreyar at |

    The last picture is amazing! My favorite festival is Diwali!

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