Miniature Painting from Jaipur, India to Durham, NC

IMG_7182 minature painting Jaipur IMG_7202 minature painting

Materials used during our visit and hati (elephant) painted by Elizabeth on our tour

While in Jaipur, we had the opportunity to see the ancient art of miniature painting in action. The brushes have chipmunk hair and are sometimes dipped in paint infused with gold. The artists can only work for limited hours a day as the experience is delicate, tedious, and intense. To learn more about this intriguing art form click here: Rajasthani miniature paintings  (not the artist we visited). I brought home a miniature painting of Ganesh, god of wisdom and learning and the remover of obstacles.

Ganesh Miniature Painting Oct 2014

I shared the hati (elephant), drawn by the artists we visited in Jaipur, with my 6th graders in Durham, North Carolina. Although my students did not use gold for paint, their final creations were spectacular. I believe the artists in Jaipur would be honored to work beside these 6th grade artists!

Carina 2015 DSC_6217







Hati Sarah Julius DSC_6192

Hati Quinn Shanahan DSC_6194

Painting Helen Hulka 2015DSC_6182

Come to room 212 to see the rest!

9 thoughts on “Miniature Painting from Jaipur, India to Durham, NC

  1. hi! As I read this, I am in Jaipur!!! We arrived today and have been to the marble temple built in 1984 at the base of the fort/castle (I would misspell it terribly, so I hope this brings back memories)!! Tomorrow I will show our wonderful Indian guide, Ragu, these fabulous paintings! What timing! I am thinking of you often, Patty, as I travel through INDIA! Namaste!

  2. @Trena I LOVED Jaipur!! We got to see so many crafts there. I can’t wait to see more of your pictures!

  3. I really loved this project. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to let us do this.

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