TED-Ed Talks- Do You Have an Idea Worth Sharing?


This year’s 6th graders are currently working on their ideas worth sharing. We want to congratulate our own Durham Academy 7th grader, Casey Carrow, who shared “What is Happening to Trees?” last year in our Language Arts class. Casey believed in a cause, took action, and shared her idea with the world. Please take a moment to watch and comment on Casey’s talk here: http://blog.ed.ted.com/2015/02/20/ted-ed-club-friday-3/




2 thoughts on “TED-Ed Talks- Do You Have an Idea Worth Sharing?

  1. Same as Chris I see no purpose in having two shopping centers in the same area. I also think that killing trees has no use and is totally pointless. At least replant a bunch of them somewhere.

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