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  1. 26sethm at |

    Doing a plank for 2 plus minutes is cool.

  2. 26jackj at |

    Wow they held a plank for a long time 6 minutes

  3. 26nateh at |

    That sounds fun. Can we do it?

  4. 26benb at |

    I really like the idea of increasing the time you do the planks.

  5. 26diegod at |

    You’re story was short and detailed which I liked

  6. 26phineasb at |

    It’s pretty cool that they can get to 6 minutes. I can only get to 5:30. I like the idea of increasing the time as you go. How many people got to 6 minutes, everyone or just a few people.

  7. 26aaravp at |

    I can’t believe you got 6 minutes on their plank! I could never do that. What other fitness things do you do?

  8. 26fional at |

    Wow! Congrats on completing the challenge! We couldn’t do it this year; guess we had to have a little more teamwork! My favorite part, I have to say, was the picture of everyone’s feet! Something about it made it seem really cool.

  9. Chris at |

    How many people got 6 minutes?

  10. 26krissyl at |

    Getting up to 30 minutes is tough! But did anyone get up to 40 minutes or more?

  11. Chris at |

    It’s so impressive that they got six minutes! I like the concept of building up to an end product. How many people got 6 minutes?

  12. 26nachiketak at |

    Wow you made 6 minutes i can barely do 3. The world Record is so High I cannot believe someone could hold it for 8 hours 8 hours that’s like more than all the day at school. Have you ever gotten better than 6 minutes?

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