The Rushing Rapids by Matthew

This is a story that I wrote earlier this year about my experience at a camp that we went to for a field trip

The Rushing Rapids


Photo taken by Mrs. Hoercher

    On August 25, the whole sixth grade left to a five star rated Camp Cheerio, a YMCA camp. At Camp there were four activities. On Wednesday we did the three star hike. On Thursday we went canoeing and we went on the zipline/geocache expedition. On Friday we went on the challenge, even though it wasn’t really a challenge for me.

Thursday began with us getting breakfast first. Right after breakfast we went canoeing. That is where I officially got scared of buses. The canoe car stalked us the whole way there. I got out of the bus quickly because of my busophobia. I got an awesome red canoe and then everything went wrong. I had to get a new canoe because our councilor stole our canoe. We got a blue canoe and set sail.

 Sean was good at canoeing. We kept riding through the rapids and having fun. For some reason we couldn’t aim the boat and we crashed into about a million rocks. Finally, the blue canoe got to a good stopping place and got out of the boat.
I decided to go for a swim. I got out of the boat and stepped into the ice cold water. Great, I thought. Wonder when my shoes will get dry? I wandered out to a good place to start riding the current. I sat down and rode the waves. Benson, Drew, and a million other people were doing it, so I figured it would be fun.

I started with the short run. My time was about thirty seconds. Then I went back to the starting line to do the long route. I got soaked and got stuck on a rock. That didn’t stop me. I just kept going and going and going. I had a lot of fun and I didn’t want to stop. Then I had to get in a canoe with Mrs. Hoercher. I was done canoeing with Sean.

Mrs. Hoercher was a good canoer. If I could go with any canoer except Mr. Keeney, it would be Mrs. Hoercher (which I decided later). I rode a lot more rapids and got stuck on a lot more rocks. Finally, I found something awesome. A WATERFALL! I wanted to go top speed to get an amazing speed coming out of it. Apparently, That didn’t happen. We went in with a medium speed and we went sliding down the six inch waterfall. It was okay, but I was disappointed. I wanted to go down a three foot waterfall using a motor on the highest setting. Maybe I’ll go to Spirit Falls and go top speed off that. THAT would be fun.

We got to a good stopping point so that the other boats could catch up. Emma and Catherine capsized on the waterfall. Mrs. Hoercher and James went back to help do the T rescue. The T rescue is where you lift the canoe over another canoe and let the water drain out. The group decided to leave without them and we left. I hopped in James’s last spot, the boat with Mr. Lantzy. We set out to go on the next solid run, under the bridge and to the end.

Riding the current and dodging rocks, Mr. Lantzy  and I kept going and going. We finally got to the bridge and went under the place where almost everybody got stuck. We made it through and caught up to the cursed red boat. Mr. Lantzy decided that we should finish first and not the red boat, so we just kept going. Mr. Lantzy and I paddled a lot until we finally got to the finish line. We finished first so we had to just sit around and do nothing. The whole group had lunch, collected pop tabs on the pop tab stick, and got on the bus. Brady, Benson, and I lead the sing-a-long as rode back to camp singing songs (Lot’s of Tic Toc) and having fun. My canoeing group finally made it to camp where the Keeney advisory quickly went off to the zipline.