My Life is Like Chess by Ian L

From Wikimedia Commons



My life is like chess. In a way I think many people’s lives are like this. For me (and many others, I am sure) in life I am always thinking about what to do and how it will affect my position. Sometimes I blunder and make a mistake. Like doing something bad  thing and getting in trouble. Other times I do something good and getting ahead in the game. The only problem I can see with this analogy or metaphor is that I don’t think in life that I am “playing against” anyone but myself.

Chess Club and ICC by Ian L

Picture taken by Ian on ICC Jin App

I hope this doesn’t seem too much like advertising, but it is never to late to join the Durham Academy Chess Team. Sorry about that last part (It really sounded like advertising). Chess is a great extracurricular thing that can be a lot of fun. Our chess teacher is Craig Jones. Mr. Jones has a great sense of humor, lets you have fun, and at the same time, teaches you a lot. Our chess team is one of the most competitive in the state, and we win or get second almost every year. We compete at the national level as well, and going to tournaments can be quite a blast. Chess can give you something to concentrate on. You have a chess application on your computer for beginners as well as an ICC application for people that are more serious about playing chess. ICC stands for the Internet Chess Club, and it helps you get better. Almost everyone in the chess community plays on ICC including up to the grandmaster level. ICC is very fun once you get used to it, and you can talk with Mr. Jones or any other person in the world who plays on the Internet Chess Club. Unfortunately, ICC costs money to have an account, so you should only play if you are positive about playing chess. You can download the ICC application on any computer, Windows or Mac, and it will run fine. We use ICC on our laptops and desktops at home. It is a great way to get better at chess and it utilizes your computer as well.