When to Start a Paragraph Alex P.

In my language arts class, I presented a Keynote, using my iPad, on when to start a paragraph. I used many visual effects and transitions and I also used Doodle Buddy to write the key concepts instead of typing. I used this technique because it emphasizes the point and it pops out. During this presentation, I covered what a paragraph is and how to structure it. I presented how to start dialogue paragraphs and regular paragraphs.

A way to remember the paragraph structure is to use the acronym IFREECT. What it stands for is listed below:

Introduction (thesis statement)







One starts a paragraph when going to begin to write about a new topic. A paragraph is four to eight sentences that expand on one idea. This is also in a way, the case with dialogue paragraphs.

One begins a dialogue paragraph when the speaker changes. All the thoughts and actions of the character stay in the same paragraph as the dialogue.

I chose this project because I felt that I wrote well-structured paragraphs. Therefore, I believed it might be something easier for me to explain.

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