Macbook By: Osezele

Macbook keyboard


The laptop pilot is an excellent program. My favorite things about the laptops are that we can take them back and forth between school and home. At first I didn’t use it much but now I use it more to go on Moodle, Google Documents, and other things like
this blog. The MacBook has more functions than the PC that I usually use. It also is also handy because I can just take it out during tutorial to do what I need to do. No longer do I need to rush to the lab for something, I can just use the MacBook. Here are my least favorite things about this program. I have my own PC which I prefer to the MacBook because I am used to using it instead of the MacBook. Another thing is that we misuse the MacBook then nobody else will be allowed to use them. Along with that there are the ever present kernel panics there are also many other problems that plague the computers. When you compare the good and the bad overall the good wins. I think that the laptop pilot program will work very well and it will help the students of Durham Academy.

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