The Giver Chapters 9-11 By Osezele O

from jatakacs

from jatakacs

Like I said in my earlier post in Language Arts class we have been reading ‘The Giver’ By Lois Lowry. In chapters 9-11 Jonas  gets his first memory from the Giver. It was a  memory of a sled ride, downhill while it was snowing Jonas thought this was a wonderful memory. If I was the Giver I would have given Jonas the memory of  a rainbow first so that he could understand color.

The Giver Chapters1-4 By Osezele

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From Wiki

This week we started a new book assignment for Language Arts class. The book is “The Giver” By Lois Lowry. It is about a Utopian society where there is no violence and no mistakes. If you mess up, are born defective ,or get very old you get “released” for the safe sheltered world you know and are sent to the unknown. The main character is an eleven year old boy named Jonas who is anticipating the “Ceremony of Twelve.” When his job will be chosen for him by the Elders who have been watching all the eleven year olds carefully. Will he get what he wants or will he somehow be released? If I had an assignment in The Giver I would be an Instructor. I would instruct Elevens because they probably behave better than the others.

Apollo Thirteen By Osezele O and Rod P

from Morguefile

From morguefile

This week in Language Arts class we have been watching as you can probably guessed from the title, Apollo Thirteen. It was about the story of the second trip to go walk on the moon and how it all went wrong. During the mission they had to complete the routine procedure of checking the pressure gauge and stirring the oxygen tanks. A faulty part in the tanks caused the tanks to explode, causing the entire side panel to be blown off into space and start leaking oxygen. After a huge gamble that saved the crew’s lives, they still needed to reenter. The ground crew was worried when the system did not show a visual of the spacecraft for over four minutes.They managed to get home after help from Ken Mattingly and everyone at mission and land in the South Pacific Ocean where they were picked up by the USS Iwo Jima aircraft carrier.

Band by Osezele

from morguefile

from morguefile

This week I started a new fine art, Band. At first I thought I wouldn’t like it because the only instrument that I ever played well was a recorder. But Mr. Zentner, band teacher, was really nice. He  showed us all the instruments and had us choose which one we liked the best and I chose the trumpet. It is really cool and he already taught me three positions that I can practice at home. I really looking forward to the rest of band.

My Trip To The USS Yorktown By Osezele


USS Yorktown from Flickrcc

USS Yorktown from Flickr

This spring break I went on a trip to the USS Yorktown, Patriots Point, Charleston, South Carolina with my Boy Scout Troop. It was a great experience.  The USS Yorktown is an old aircraft carrier that is now a national museum. There were a lot of other Boy Scout groups there and people on vacation along with people just there for the day tour. It had planes and a flight simulater on the inside. I tried out the flight simulater but instead of simulating flight it simulated a precarious drive in the artic ice cliffs. It was still awesome! I got to explore the entire aircraft carrier with my some buddies and my little brother. I think it is great vacation spot and would like to go back there again.

Games I Play With My Family By: Osezele


Everyone in the world  plays games with their family and I’m no exception. Of course I play most of them with my younger brother because he is always willing to play.  I’ve played many games but the one that I think represents my life is The Game Of Life. It gives you many choices but some help you and some hurt you. It is one of the most realistic games that I’ve played, and it can show you how life can turn out.

Life flickrcc

Life flickrcc



If I was an adult I would get a job as an engineer/ inventor/ athlete. After I got the money I made I would send 30% to the bank and wait many years. Then I would give the money to all the charities I could. Then I would help people in need and buy all the world’s tobacco and shoot it into space far away from earth. To sum it up if I were an adult I become successful and help the needy.

suit from morguefile

suit from morguefile



Last weekend I watched movies one and two of the Lord of The Rings Trilogy. I noticed that through all the orcs, ring-wraths, dwarfs, elves, hobbits, mage/sage/wizards, flaming giant unblinking eyes, dark lords, tree-shepards/ forest guardians and Gollum/ Smeagle, Frodo stayed sort of calm and was attacked all the time. However, his ever faithful gardener/ companion helped him out and fought side by side with him against orcs and others. I also loved the part where Gollum and Smeagle (same person) argued about whether to steal the precious (ring of power) or to help the hobbits on their quest.

Gollum from LOTR Morguefile

Gollum from LOTR Morguefil

Laptops 2 B: Osezele

At first I thought the  laptops were so so now I think they are much much better. Depending on the person, people do or do not need it. For some it is an essential part in life, and for some like me we aren’t thrilled yet. To us they are not needed. It is an excellent program but many students won’t need it so if the school gets all these laptops and nobody needs it it will waste money. That is how I feel about the laptop pilot.



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People of the Year By Osezele

The thing that stuck with me this year is all the people who died famous and not famous.First off Steve Jobs who was the co-founder of Apple Corporation died from pancreatic cancer this year. Osama Bin Laden who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks was killed by U.S Navy Seals. Andy Rooney a famous radioman died a age 92. Quadaffi, a dictator, was killed by rebels. Many more died this year but these people are all different but all dead.


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