Spring Break by Sam

Spring break was so cool! We went all the way to a small town in Mexico called Akumal. It had a nice little beach where we went scuba diving, seeing tons of really cool fish and 4 sea turtles!  We saw the ancient Mayan cities of Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Coba.(which was my favorite because we could climb the pyramid) We also snorkeled in an underwater cave, and the stalagmites looked like an underwater metropolis! Then on Friday of spring break, we went to this water park called Xel-Ha, where we snorkeled in a tropical paradise. It had tons of schools of fish, and a Moray Eel swam 2 inches from us, and then we swam with a dolphin that the trainers had named Ocean. Sadly, on Saturday, we had to leave.



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Spring Break by Aishwarya

Usually on Spring Break we go somewhere but this time we didn’t so I got to stay at home. The best part of spring break was I got to make fun of my brother having school when I didn’t watch TV  and also do a lot of fun things such as play soccer with my little brother,  play tennis with my coach and play on my playground. The worst thing was that I had to go to the doctors and get a  shot. My hand was numb for the whole day and I couldn’t do anything. But other than that it was just a normal week it was just that I got to relax a lot.



Spring Break By Mariana R

What I did for spring break was that I went to Bogota, Colombia where I was born and where most of my family lives. I went because my dad had to go to a conference and we wanted to go visit my family. It was fun. The first day I was there we went to eat dinner and then my aunt, uncle and cousin came to the apartment that we rented to hang out. The second day we went to my grandparent’s farm and we had a mini family reunion. We stayed that night at the farm house. The third day we went to the pool and then we drove back to the apartment that we were staying at. The fourth day we just chilled in the apartment to relax and have visitors. Everyday we kept on doing things with the family but most of them had work and school so we would have to meet at night. Then the day we were supposed to come back our plane got canceled while we were on it because of failure of the motor that would not turn on. So then we had to leave the next day which was Monday. We finally got home at 1:30 am on Tuesday. That was what I did during my spring break.




This is a very good Colombian soup that I ate.

Spring Break by Isha


Over my spring break I went to Spain. My father had to teach in Madrid for three days because some of our friends had invited him over to their university. We rented a flat in Madrid for a week. The flat was small but nice. When you entered there was a white curved wall with two slits in it and in the slits were two trays for holding our keys. As you walked on you would see a sort of hidden away  kitchen and restroom. The kitchen was extremely narrow but okay for a week. There was a split from the kitchen and the living room. The living room had a small wooden table in it. To the front of the table was a television and to the back was a white couch with a gold and purple cloth draped over it. around the television are two round chairs with no back to them, basically they are like two circles. In the same room was another table but it was for break-fast. It had stainless steel spinning chairs. I loved eating break-fast there. Off of the living room were two more rooms, two bed rooms, my parents and mine. My brother wanted to sleep on the couch. Inside my room was a twin sized bed-trundle, a small chandelier, and a closet. The bed had white sheets and a purple clothe draped over it. My parent’s room had a queen size bed with a long but narrow closet and a broken television. The flat as you can now see was very quaint. The first three days my mother, brother and I went to look at museums, went on bus tours, and exploring. We sent the nights at our friends house. We went shopping to what I thought was an expensive store called Zara. On Thursday we went to Seville and Cordoba by train and came back on Friday night. In Seville we went to a bull fighting stadium and took a tour of the place and in Cordoba we visited a famous mosque. The mosque was also part of a working church. Saturday morning we left for the airport to come home.  I had so much fun I want to go back again. I hope other people will visit it too.


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My Spring Break by Oliva C.


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This past week we had spring break. I actually went to school during my vacation. Last year, I lived in Germany. And last week I went back and went to school with my old class. It was interesting to see what they were doing at school, but mostly, I just wanted to socialize.

Monday through friday I woke up at 6:35 and went to school till one.I then took the the number 24 tram to school. On monday the first two periods are gym and thursday we spent the entire day doing statistics! It was really hard going to French class because they were ahead and I had to operate in two foreign languages at the same time. It was great to see my friends and they were really sweet and gave me a giant lollipop holder as a goodbye present. It was so awesome! I am so grateful hat I got the experience to go somewhere for a year. I will always remember it and I think it really helped shape me as a person. I admit, it was weird to be going to school during vacation, but it was worth it.

Spring Break 2012

This Spring Break was one of the best! EARLY Monday morning I met Maggie at the airport, so that we could fly to Jamaica together. When we first got to Jamaica it was about 3:00 so we rushed to our room and unpacked while searching to find a bathing suit to wear. 🙂 As we ran to the pool we decided to walk down to the beach. Along the sand were these random little shops with people’s stuff sitting on tables. There was soo much stuff that we liked so we dashed back up to the room and got our wallets. By the time we had finished shopping it was time to get ready for dinner. The next day we swam in both the pool and the ocean, shopped until we dropped, worked on our tan a.k.a SUNBURN, and just hung out. One of my favorite things that we did was swim with the dolphins. For example, you would be a little ways a way from the dock and the trainer and you would hold your hands out while the dolphins came swimming under and you would have to grab on to both of their fins, while they were pulling you. Another thing that you got to was tread water while waving your hands up and the dolphins would swim to you and then try to talk to you. Something else that I really enjoyed is getting to go to Montego Bay’s shopping center and look for souveniers. This is just a little bit about how amazing my trip really was!

Blue ocean with a crashing wave

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My Trip To The USS Yorktown By Osezele


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USS Yorktown from Flickr

This spring break I went on a trip to the USS Yorktown, Patriots Point, Charleston, South Carolina with my Boy Scout Troop. It was a great experience.  The USS Yorktown is an old aircraft carrier that is now a national museum. There were a lot of other Boy Scout groups there and people on vacation along with people just there for the day tour. It had planes and a flight simulater on the inside. I tried out the flight simulater but instead of simulating flight it simulated a precarious drive in the artic ice cliffs. It was still awesome! I got to explore the entire aircraft carrier with my some buddies and my little brother. I think it is great vacation spot and would like to go back there again.

Pelican! By Matthew

On Thursday, March 8, 2012, we released a pelican onto the shores of Oak Island. The pelican we released was one year old and had got injured by a worm infection. Luckily, it healed and we got to release it. It ate four fish before it got released, and probably ate more afterward. Right now it is probably flying around Oak Island and meeting new friends. Together, my grandparents, my brother and I named it Chocolate. Good luck in the world outside of the vet Chocolate!!!

For Spring Break I Am… By Mariana R

For spring break I am going to Bogota, Colombia. I am going for two reasons : 1) My dad has a conference and he doesn’t want to go alone 2) I was born there and all my family on my mom’s side lives there. I cannot wait to see my family that I haven’t seen in forever. I will be posting some things that I either did that day or that if from Bogota.

Spring Break….!!!! By: Forbes

I cannot wait until March 4th. My mommy, my sister, and ME are going to be heading down to Jamaica. The thing that I am most looking forward to in Jamaica is getting my massage. I am also going to swim with the dolphins and I am going to work on getting myself a great SUNTANNN!!!!!!!! Last year I went to the Turks and Caicos and I might be posting about the differences of the resort. On thing that I already know about is that the Turks and Caicos resort was a kid-friendly but this one isn’t??

Island with a palm tree

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