If I were a shark by Matthew

This is a poem that I wrote last year.


From flickrcc

If I Were a Shark

If I were a shark…
I would swim in the Red Sea
I would hunt for fish
and I would hit divers with my tails
It would blow them away
Into an underwater cavern
Where there are more sharks
and huge white whales
that will try to trap them in
but they will escape
and the diver would be happy
but I would be the quite sad.

3 thoughts on “If I were a shark by Matthew

  1. Very Very interesting. Trapping divers in caves? That’s not nice. But then they escape. That’s good. I thought you were going to keep them there for eternity, then when he/she is at the brink of life and death, you will devour him whole. That, is not nice.

  2. Kind of mean to trap divers in caves, but they escape sometimes, luckily. I hope, at least. Not nice to eat the divers.

  3. It is not nice to hit. It is violent and impolite, too. But if you were a shark, those rules might not apply because a wild creature usually has no limits or boundaries.

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