My Science Project: The Tiger by Haley C

For my project in science, I am studying the tiger. I did the tiger because I love how pretty and graceful they are, and I have always wanted to know facts about them. It’s easy to find facts about them because they are so interesting. And in the encyclopedias, there is always a big section on them. At first, all I knew about the tiger was that they are the largest in the cat family, that they were usually reddish-orange, and that they had black stripes. But now I know how they live, how old they can live to be, what they like to eat, and if they’re friendly to one another or if they’re not. I am very happy I chose the tiger for my animal report.


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5 thoughts on “My Science Project: The Tiger by Haley C

  1. Tigers are indeed fascinating. I can’t wait to see your post about being a grown up for a day!

  2. Tigers rock! The mascot of my high school is the tiger. My room was decorated with many tiger posters. I even did a science project about them, too. One of the most interesting things about them, to me, is that many people think tigers are from Africa!

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