What it is Like Being in the Pilot Program By: Mariana R

I use my laptop for my homework and all of the time for taking notes and my homework. I support the pilot program 100%. I think that it is good to keep children in touch with what is happening in the world now by giving us laptops and iPads. I specifically think that the laptop helps me more because I used to have to wait for my mom or dad to finish with their laptops so that I could do my homework. It is so much easier to just go home, sit down, take out my laptop, and do my homework. It helps me with the time and everything. Whenever I am in a class and they let me take notes on my computer, I don’t say anything I just open up my computer and start taking notes. It has helped me in being more organized for most of my classes and also at home in that I don’t take home that many books because of this pilot program.




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