Fallen / Personal Story by: Ashwin S

Well, since so many people have posted about their story I decided “Well I’ll try that too, I need some more blog posts” so I have decided to introduce the planet Earth to the world of my story “Fallen.” So I got this idea a while ago from a dream (which was not as detailed as my story) and in the dream I saw this figure with wings in chains (that’s all that I remember from the dream). Then suddenly this idea popped up in my head. Lately I have broadened on my ideas for the story but since I still have not written very much I’ll probably just give you a small sample of my story. I’m about to give you a sample even though I’m not sure I should (I feel like people are going to call Fallen “silly”) but here I go, welcome to the story of Fallen.

Hope is a gift and a curse in dark times. It leads you like a light in a black hallway but it fades out just when you reach the end. Beware hope.

A woman’s voice said “What shall we do with this child, he has the mark of the Fallen?”  
“Cast him down, he shall learn pain his destiny is hard and only he can decide what will be the end” replied a booming voice
“ He is so young give him a chance.”
“No this was part of our agreement with that !@#$%^&  , he must go.”
“ But…”
“ NO, I shall not have another war on my hands, he shall go whether you like it or not!”
“ Yes master.”
“ Now let me dwell upon my plans, go and enjoy you last moments with the child. And I didn’t want this to happen, of all people it had to be him, I truly am sorry -sigh- I am.”
“ Goodbye master”.

4 thoughts on “Fallen / Personal Story by: Ashwin S

  1. I like the whole dark beginning theme. In my personal opinion there would be some parts where I would put punctuation marks. For example, where you wrote “He is so young give him a chance” I would have put “He is so young, give him a chance,” or “He is so young. Give him a chance.” I don’t think the beginning is silly at all.

  2. I liked it Ashwin. I can hardly wait to find out what happens to the cast out kid. Maybe he will turn into a superhero and come back to kick some butt. Make the big guy re-think his casting out habits.

  3. Thanks, I couldn’t post more because don’t want to ruin the story and it contains to much violence and cuss words.

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