Scratch by Matthew

I like to make games on a program called Scratch. It is a program where you create games and post them online to see what people are doing. Here is my scratch website

Yellow vs. green basketball

My game. Thanks to people who helped with this game!

My games are basketball games for people’s colors that are red, blue, yellow, and green. I also have a game in progress for a ship Scratch. I already have three demos for the game. My game will probably have about sixty levels so it will be a long and hard game for most people. I also like making color variations off of Nate’s game called Robotix.

6 thoughts on “Scratch by Matthew

  1. I played the game, and it was fun, but it was very easy. Is there a way to make the defense move? I could do that all day and I would be bored, because the game has no difficulty. On the other hand I have always wanted to create a computer game, and I think your game could be more challenging. Great job on those games, please make more.

  2. I played and thought it was for two players, but I was not able to, either way I think you did a great job making the games.

  3. Josh,
    I see you thought it was easy. My brother posted a game called bro’s ship scratch fifth demo, where the ship is very big. You can only use 6 ships so it is really hard, I would recommend trying it.

  4. Everyone, about scratch,
    I made a trailer for a movie on scratch, I hope you enjoy my Dragonland Trailer

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