One Day as an Adult Annie N

One day I woke up and I was an adult. I was in Miami, Florida and “the King of Miami ” Pitbull lived right next door to me on Star Island. My house had a private swimming pool, recording studio, wave pool, fashion studio with a stage, a lot of money, a concert arena, and a private mall only available to me and the people I know. I had  five Pomeranians running around my house and 2 hamsters in a cage. I would own a silver Lamborghini, a red Ferrari, and a black Corvette. I would go to South Beach almost everyday and for breakfast I would eat Cuban Bread. That is what I would do if I was a grown up.

South Beach

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3 thoughts on “One Day as an Adult Annie N

  1. I imagine you having a very colorful and exciting life ahead! What is the biggest fish you have caught so far?

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