When I woke up… By: Leah

When I woke up I heard someone crying, so I got up and I followed the sound. I came into a cute pink room and it said Chloe on the wall. Then I looked down and standing there was a little girl about three. I realized that it was my daughter, Chloe. I said, “What’s wrong Clo?” She said, “My stuffy got a hole!” I laughed and said, “Let’s go get some breakfast and I’ll take him to the stuffy doctor.” So I cooked her up some waffles and patched the hole. Then she said, “What are we woing for my wirthday?”  I tried to think of something really fun to do for Chloe’s birthday. I said, “Remember, we are going to the bouncy house with all of your friends!” Chloe jumped for joy. Then I took Chloe to the bouncy house and she had the time of her life. Well I think.



4 thoughts on “When I woke up… By: Leah

  1. I like how you made it like you are actually there and it had actually happened. Great work.

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