Which Stylus By: Leah G.

Personally I liked the Bamboo stylus the best, then the Amazon Basic, lastly the Cosmonaut. I like the Bamboo because the tip is the smallest and it is light. I tried using them in Penultimate and they were all great but with the Bamboo stylus I could draw the most detailed. The thing that I don’t like about all of the styluses is that they will be hard to carry around. This is why I like the Stylus Pen Kuel H10 Series the best. My tutor has it and I ask to use it everyday. I usually can’t because I get so excited and play with it. That is because I only have 45 minutes to use it though. I like it because it goes into the headphone socket and it does not fall out. So you can carry around your iPad and the pen will stay securely in the headphone jack. Also the tip is very small making it easy to write, it can extend and shrink, and it is lighter that a pencil. This is why I like the Stylus Pen Kuel H10 Series more than the ones that we were given to try.


iPad Apps by: Leah G.

I think that on our iPads a few apps that we should keep are: IStudiez Pro, First Class, Flashcards, Evernote, Khan Academy, Blogsy, Pages, Dictionary, Paperport Notes, Penultimate, Skitch, Show Me, SketchbookX, Pandora, and Mindmeister. I would also love to keep Draw Free but it will not open for me. An app that I have on my iPod that I like it Study Blue. It is a great app for studying. It is similar to the Flashcards app but some students might prefer it. A few apps that I don’t use because I don’t like them or I just haven’t had time to check out are: Notes, Grammar, Mathboard, Tap Typing, Flash Cards, Comic Life, Student, WordPress, JotNot Pro, Life Track, i-Nigma, Media by Age, Inkling, and all space apps. I know that it is not likely but I also love spotify! Lastly, I think that we should have a choice of a few cases to get because I like the case that we have now which is an incase but I really want the Zagg case. This is my input on the iPad apps.



The Giver Memory By: Leah G.

We are reading The Giver by Lois Lowry and the Giver is giving the boy, Jonas, his first memory. If I were the Giver I would give Jonas the memory of a bright, hot, beautiful day on the beach. I would give him that because he deserves to see color and heat. Also the beach is something that everybody needs to experience. It will help him get away from all of the stress. If I were the Giver, I would give Jonas the memory of a beautiful day on the beach.


My Assignment By: Leah G.

I think that my assignment would be the Organizer. I would get this assignment because I like to organize things, especially on the iPad! I could organize all of the calendars, birthdays, jobs, and more. I could also organize all of the broken rules and I would tell people when they have to be released. Even though my room is not the cleanest twenty-four seven, organizing is the job for me.



iBooks By: Leah G.


Emma, Maggie, and I did our tech project on iBooks. We did not have any troubles besides finding time to record. The only reason that that was a problem was because we had some absences. We solved this problem by Maggie and me working on the slides and Emma on most of the recording. This project was very fun!

Half Way There By Leah G.

I can’t believe we are already half way through the year. It has gone by so fast. In a way I don’t like it because seventh grade is going to be so hard, but I have fun plans for the summer so I can look forward to that. This summer I am going to five camps and they are all different and unique. It will be so nice to get a break from all the work and tests of school. I can’t believe we are already half way through the year.

Horse-opoly By: Leah

              In my family we used to always play Horse-opoly. I was always the one who ran out of  money half way through the game. My sister was the one who had all of the horses and A LOT of money. My brother somehow had average money and quite a few horses. My mom didn’t really get the game until the end. My dad, well he never played all that much. Horse-opoly was a game that brought my family together.


When I woke up… By: Leah

When I woke up I heard someone crying, so I got up and I followed the sound. I came into a cute pink room and it said Chloe on the wall. Then I looked down and standing there was a little girl about three. I realized that it was my daughter, Chloe. I said, “What’s wrong Clo?” She said, “My stuffy got a hole!” I laughed and said, “Let’s go get some breakfast and I’ll take him to the stuffy doctor.” So I cooked her up some waffles and patched the hole. Then she said, “What are we woing for my wirthday?”  I tried to think of something really fun to do for Chloe’s birthday. I said, “Remember, we are going to the bouncy house with all of your friends!” Chloe jumped for joy. Then I took Chloe to the bouncy house and she had the time of her life. Well I think.



The Pilot Technology by Leah


Technology is very important to me. I think that it would amazing if our school could all have laptops or iPads. I know that the games and Youtube is a big problem though. People just need to know that breaking the rules is the wrong thing to do. They will get their laptop or iPad taken away if they are caught misusing it more than once. I feel as though laptops or iPads would really help our learning and help do work through the Internet. Sites like Quizlet, Typing Pal, Our DA Moodle Website, and others are very helpful to learn from. For example, last night I had to memorize 75 Spanish vocabulary words and on Quizlet I could test myself and learn them very fast. I think that having laptops or iPads would benefit our school’s learning in many ways.

My Book by Leah G.

My book is titled I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You. It is about a girl named Cammie who goes to a spy school. Her mom is the headmaster of the school. Her dad went on a mission and never returned. This is the type of book that you can never put down. It has suspenseful moments on every page. I am only on page thirty, but I already know that I love this book and recommend it to everyone!