Which Stylus By: Leah G.

Personally I liked the Bamboo stylus the best, then the Amazon Basic, lastly the Cosmonaut. I like the Bamboo because the tip is the smallest and it is light. I tried using them in Penultimate and they were all great but with the Bamboo stylus I could draw the most detailed. The thing that I don’t like about all of the styluses is that they will be hard to carry around. This is why I like the Stylus Pen Kuel H10 Series the best. My tutor has it and I ask to use it everyday. I usually can’t because I get so excited and play with it. That is because I only have 45 minutes to use it though. I like it because it goes into the headphone socket and it does not fall out. So you can carry around your iPad and the pen will stay securely in the headphone jack. Also the tip is very small making it easy to write, it can extend and shrink, and it is lighter that a pencil. This is why I like the Stylus Pen Kuel H10 Series more than the ones that we were given to try.


2 thoughts on “Which Stylus By: Leah G.

  1. Leah,
    I looked at the Kuel but wondered if it would dangle and get caught on things. I did wonder if students would like having a stylus dangling all the time. What do you think?

  2. I never thought of that, I guess that could bother some people but they would have the option of not conecting that piece. Also for some people, even if they don’t like it dangling they need it to just to keep track of it. Another thing is that on this pen the tip is smaller than most making each click on the iPad almost exactly right. Even more exact then your finger in my opinion. Maybe we should tell students to tuck it into the case some how. I just think it would be a great pen to test and play around with. Thanks for the comment.

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