My Favorite Game by Aishwarya

My family and I love to play Jenga. We play it because it is fun to see who knocks over the blocks.  It is also fun to see people in my family try to get one of the blocks from the tower.  Well we roll the dice and our dice shows a color we have to get the same block color.   It is so much fun when somebody knocks over the block because then we laugh at them.



3 thoughts on “My Favorite Game by Aishwarya

  1. I’ve never played Jenga but it sounds like fun. Does your little brother ever get upset if he loses? Keep posting!

  2. My brother usually doesn’t get upset if he has a block then he is happy. Sometimes he you knock over the block on purpose then he will get upset and start yelling.

  3. That’s really fun! I love to play Jenga with my family too. We always have fun seeing who makes it fall first.


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