Baseball Season Davis C

I play a baseball league. It is called South Durham. I play in the highest age group and the best one. The year before I made all stars which is when you go to different tournaments and eventually you may be able to go to Williamsport, PA. Which is on T.V. My goal this year is to not lose a single game and it is also to make all stars again. I play with a guy in our grade names Benson E, and I play against Ian L and Drew H. Photo from

2 thoughts on “Baseball Season Davis C

  1. I happen to play in North Durham Little League the opposite and rival of South Durham. My brother and I, and Ted M also play there. North Durham is the more competitive league. My goals are similar to Davis’s. I would like to make the All-Star team, but it is much harder at NDLL. I look forward to getting to play you guys in the Mayor’s cup, that is if we get there. In your post Davis, I like how told your goals.

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