Apollo 13: Davis C

This whole week in L.A class we watched Apollo 13, it was a good movie about the space trip to the moon, well not really. They had tons of problems on their trip in which they had to survive in. The movie was adventurous and a suspenseful movie. I did feel bad for the man that could not go on the shuttle and I felt worse that he died before he was going to go to congress.  I would recommend it to anyone except there are some bad words in there, but I don’t think you shouldn’t watch this just because of that.

I got this picture from:http://www.flickr.com/photos/90365119@N00/311214627. It is a picture of the moon.

One thought on “Apollo 13: Davis C

  1. It was a good movie. Jack Swigert was the one who died before he got to go to congress. Ken Mattingly was the one who couldn’t go because he supposedly had the measles.

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