iPads by Noah

Hi, I’m Noah and I’m going to be discussing the iPads at our school. I, for one, love the iPads. I think they are really great learning tools and help a lot. One thing I use my iPad for is writing down homework. I write the homework in the app called Reminders. In addition, the iPads are very portable and not as heavy as a big laptop. This is great because if I didn’t have an iPad, sometimes I would be stuck without a device to do my homework on. Although there are so many good things, the iPad’s typing on the screen is slower than on a keyboard in my opinion, so I would suggest getting a keyboard if you don’t  like typing a little slower. But overall I really like the idea of iPads in our school.


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3 thoughts on “iPads by Noah

  1. Great article! I agree with all of this information. Another thing that helps is multitasking gestures….

  2. Nice post, I agree with you. I also enjoy using iPads because you don’t have to bring any binders home and bring a heavy backpack home as well.

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