Potato Gleaning by Nathan

At our school we have a community service day every so often. What we do are things such as helping at the Ronald McDonald house, making sandwiches for people in need, or what I did, go sweet potato gleaning. Gleaning is where you go into a field and pick up the leftover food that wasn’t harvested by the big machines. The food that would have otherwise gone to waste, goes to hungry people around us. It is quite amazing how much food goes to waste in those fields but also how much we saved was awesome too! Two and a half tons were gleaned. We decided to split up into groups in the beginning and Michael, Keenan, Jack, and Matthew were in my group. All together we harvested 105 bags meaning we each got 21 bags. Each bag weighed ten pounds which means our group alone harvested 1050 pounds of sweet potatoes going to needy people! In the end all of us felt good about what we did during the day.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

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