When to Start a New Paragraph by Anna W.

In 6th grade language arts class we each picked a topic to make a presentation for and to teach the class about. My topic was when to start a new paragraph. I chose this topic because whenever I am writing a story I just want to get everything out on the paper and I don’t even think about breaking it up into paragraphs.

The main rule for my topic was: Start a new paragraph; when you start talking about a new topic, when a new person begins to speak, when you skip to a new time, when you skip to a new place, or when you want to make a dramatic effect. Also keep one topic to one paragraph.

A way to remember this rule is when you are trying to break up a story, look for phrases such as later that day, the next morning, four hours passed, they waited and waited, after all that, etc. Those are some examples of phrases in the topic sentence (a topic sentence is the first sentence that tells you what you will be reading about).

I had a lot of fun creating my presentation because there was no right or wrong way to make it; it was your choice and your imagination. At first I was afraid to present but once I got up there I felt comfortable and it went by way faster than I thought. It was pretty fun being like the teacher, teaching what your topic is to the class. I hope we do another project like this where we get to teach the class about our topic or if we do do another one I would do mine on some other app instead of Keynote. Keynote was fun and a good experience. Also, it was cool how we got to pick our transitions and our themes. I can’t wait to do another project like this!

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2 thoughts on “When to Start a New Paragraph by Anna W.

  1. Your presentation was very good! It was clear, easy to understand, and easy to remember!

  2. I really liked your presentation Anna! I loved all the creative photos you had. It really caught my attention I also learned a lot!

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