How To Use Lie and Lay by Batu

I am going to teach you how to use lie and lay. The fastest way to learn the difference is this: Replace the word with the definition. The definition for lie is to relax or to recline. The definition for lay is to place something down. One more thing, the past tense of lie is lay but the past tense of lay is laid. So I am going to give you four examples and you have to find which is right and which is wrong.

P.S. Just type the letter and if you write wrong then explain and I will give the answers when at least five people post so encourage your friends!

A. I lay my books down on the table.

B. I lie my favorite book on the table.

C. I lay down.

D. I lie down.

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3 thoughts on “How To Use Lie and Lay by Batu

  1. B is wrong, because, you are not ‘relaxing or resting’ the book, but instead, you are actually ‘placing it down’.

    You are a tough teacher!

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