40 thoughts on “Hawk by Mrs. D

  1. “Hey you! Who gave you permission to take a picture of me?” screeched the enraged hawk.

  2. 1. “What are you looking at?” screamed the annoyed hawk.

    2. “Get out of here!” the ferocious hawk repeated.

  3. “I am Lord Hawkington! Obey my commands squirrel!” Rabbled the Demented Hawk. “Well, say something!” He screeched. The squirrels reply ” … “. Neeerroo! Splat! The Dead and mangled squirrel falls of the tree branch.

  4. “WHAT YOU LOOKIN AT HUMAN!” screeched the hawk. “I’M STARVING YOU WANT SOME?”

  5. “What are you doing? I am just trying to enjoy my meal!” screeched the ferocious hawk.

  6. “Leave me alone! I am just trying to eat. What’s so interesting about me?” screeched the annoyed hawk.

  7. 1. “I’ll bite you if you don’t go away!” screamed the hawk.

    2. “What is that laser glass? Please don’t shoot me! I’ll give the squirrel back!” said the terrified squawk.

  8. “You can wait as long as you like, but I am not moving from this spot. I am still eating my squirrel, so I will not get bored,” exclaimed the smart hawk.

  9. “Ugh! My squirrel fell right when I was going to eat the best part,” the hawk complained.

  10. “Ahh noooo! My delicious squirrel taken by my children I gotta have more,” said the hungry fox.

  11. “No! Don’t take a picture of me! I haven’t cleaned myself off yet!” cried the dismayed hawk.

  12. The hawk gasped. “The human has used her picture taking gadget, my self-image shall be harmed forever!” exclaimed the disheveled hawk.

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