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  1. 19lucyw at |

    “Stop looking at me!” scowled the hawk.

  2. 19sheridan at |

    “Hey you! Who gave you permission to take a picture of me?” screeched the enraged hawk.

  3. 19jennyd at |

    1. “What are you looking at?” screamed the annoyed hawk.

    2. “Get out of here!” the ferocious hawk repeated.

  4. 19michael at |

    “What are you looking at?” exclaimed the angry hawk.

  5. 19kira at |

    “Why is she taking a picture of me!” shrieked the hawk.

  6. 19keenan at |

    “Don’t take a picture of me!” screamed the angry hawk.

  7. 19julia at |

    “What is so interesting about me?” wondered the hawk.

  8. Neil M at |

    “What do you want from me, I’m just trying to relax!” Screeched the stressed hawk.

  9. 19charlie at |

    “I am Lord Hawkington! Obey my commands squirrel!” Rabbled the Demented Hawk. “Well, say something!” He screeched. The squirrels reply ” … “. Neeerroo! Splat! The Dead and mangled squirrel falls of the tree branch.

  10. 19shaffer at |

    “Get out of here, I am trying to eat my squirrel!”

  11. 19dylan at |

    “Can’t a hawk have some down time to eat squirrel?” shrieked the hawk.

  12. Miriam at |

    “What is that strange thingy that you are pointing at me?” asked the hawk.

  13. 19davi at |

    “STOP STARING AT ME!” Yelled Billy the hawk, “I’M TRYING TO EAT MY DINNER! GOSH!!”

  14. 19shaylen at |

    “Hey you stop looking at me, yea you now stop!” said the hawk.

  15. 19warbington at |


  16. 19will at |

    “Stop looking at me like that Mrs. Donnelly!” exclaimed the massive hawk.

  17. 19nathan at |

    “No!!!!!” Screamed the hawk as he dropped his squirrel.

  18. 19anna at |

    ” Stop making me feel self conscious!” exclaimed the hawk.

  19. 19vasili at |

    “GO AWAY! I am eating my catch!” squawked the hawk.

  20. 19jackh at |

    “Leave me alone!” squawked the hawk.

  21. 19michaels at |

    “Go away,” squeaked the hawk to his fellow friends.

  22. 19lana at |

    “What are you doing? I am just trying to enjoy my meal!” screeched the ferocious hawk.

  23. 19sylvia at |

    “Get out of here!” screeched the hawk. “I’m trying to enjoy my squirrel!”

  24. 19ellie at |

    “What are you lookin’ at ya’ human?” the old loquacious hawk squeaked.

  25. 19david at |

    “Leave me alone! I am trying to eat my dinner in peace!” screeched the hawk.

  26. 19norman at |

    “OH MY GOOD LORD IT’S A CAMERA!” the hawk screeched.

  27. 19fred at |

    “You’re creeping me out!” screamed the hawk. “What do you want?”

  28. 19nate at |

    “Stop annoying me!” creeched the hawk angrily.

  29. 19michiko at |

    “Leave me alone! I am just trying to eat. What’s so interesting about me?” screeched the annoyed hawk.

  30. 19bella at |

    1. “I’ll bite you if you don’t go away!” screamed the hawk.

    2. “What is that laser glass? Please don’t shoot me! I’ll give the squirrel back!” said the terrified squawk.

  31. 19batu at |

    “Buuuuurp,” belched the hawk, “Now time for dessert!”

  32. 19katie at |

    “You can wait as long as you like, but I am not moving from this spot. I am still eating my squirrel, so I will not get bored,” exclaimed the smart hawk.

  33. 19alex at |

    “Ugh! My squirrel fell right when I was going to eat the best part,” the hawk complained.

  34. 19sam at |

    “Ahh noooo! My delicious squirrel taken by my children I gotta have more,” said the hungry fox.

  35. 19kay at |

    “This is my branch!” shrieked the angry hawk.

  36. 19joannabr at |

    “No! Don’t take a picture of me! I haven’t cleaned myself off yet!” cried the dismayed hawk.

  37. 19noahc at |

    The hawk gasped. “The human has used her picture taking gadget, my self-image shall be harmed forever!” exclaimed the disheveled hawk.

  38. 19jingerc at |

    “What are you staring at!” the hawk squeaked.

  39. 19grace at |

    “Leave me alone! Can’t a hawk have some rest?” The hawk cried.

  40. 19davi at |

    “If you want my food, you will starve” exclaimed the hawk menacingly.

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