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This weekend my baseball team played in our last tournament of the season. We are called the East Chatham Diamond Dawgs. This tournament was called the Winter World Series. The tournament was directed by USSSA. In our first game we won 9-1 against the GBI Express. Our game ended at 10:30 on Friday night. I played shortstop and batted third. In our next game at 11:00 on Saturday morning we played a team called the Carolina Spartans and won 13-2. I hit a double, home run and single and my team hit 3 home runs. Next we played the Capital City Braves. They are a good team. We lost 12-4 and I walked twice. We got the #5 seed and played the Triad Thunder, who were the #4 seed. I pitched four innings and hit a single, two home runs and got walked once. We won 24-5. Our last game was against the Carolina Havoc who are the best in the state. We lost 9-1 in that game. Even so this has been a very good season for me and our team. We hit 19 home runs, and our record was 19-8. I am looking forward to playing baseball next year.


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