Fencing by Charlie

Most people think of Fencing as just another thing that is outdated and is not very cool. Those people are wrong. Fencing is possibly the coolest sport ever. It’s fun, it’s hard, and best of all, you actually start fencing about two months after starting training, and come out pretty well. In fencing, it all has to do with strategy and timing. You can train for years and still lose because your opponent just has a better strategy.

Fencing is composed of only a few things you need to learn: Advance, Retreat, Attack, Parry, Feint, and Lunge. With these few things, you create combinations, like advanced lunge, beat attack, Remise, offensive parry, etc. Now most fencers are also relatively good referees. I am not a very good referee at all. In the Olympics, it may look easy, but it is not in fact easy to just hit them and be done. The strategies they develop are probably the best on the planet.

Fencing is a solo sport but not at all solo. For fencing you need to able to be hit pretty hard without flinching on order to continue. I would recommend fencing strongly, and if you are going to fence, Mid-south fencers club is the place I go and it is awesome! I believe one of the teachers, Jeff, teaches after school here also. If you have any questions please do ask.






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  1. Weirdly enough, this sword isn’t actually a fencing sword, it is a cross between a foil and a saber.

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