Wisdom Tales My Opinion by Neil


To prepare for the wisdom tales test I wrote down all the similar morals, writing parts of stories into my Evernote as to have everything in one note. I put two words in bold in each wisdom tale for a quick refresher on the meaning of the story, which helped for the essays that compared two wisdom tales. Practicing wise, I read through every story multiple times to prepare. Also I memorized types of stories.

I do like taking open note quizzes/tests because I take good notes and usually expect what will be on it. So nothing really takes me by surprise. Most teachers tell what’s going to be on it so as long as you understand the material and have the necessary items they’re not that hard.

Having the iPads makes open note quizzes and tests much easier. There are many resources available to help you understand and find the information for the questions. Also, it’s easier to keep things neat and in one place. After taking the test I honestly think I couldn’t have prepared better.

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