Outcast Dragon by Charlie E.

Once there was a Dragon egg. This egg seemed normal, except for its strange color. It was a brilliant shade of a color that no one could exactly describe. He was born to a pair of normal dragon parents. When he hatched, he was that same brilliant shade. The next day when the mother went to check on him, he had turned another shade.

This kept happening until the baby boy dragon was eight. He would be a different shade every day. He learned flying almost instantly. The other dragons would make fun of him, over and over. But, the day he turned eight, he suddenly realized if he focused enough, he could become whatever color he wanted. His favorite color was the that brilliant shade, that no one knew. He started using this to his advantage by blending in with his surroundings.

But as he got older, watching everybody else grew the ability to breath fire and ice, gas and plasma, and the assortment of other abilities, he realized he didn’t have any of those abilities. All that came out was air. But as another trade off, he was so exceedingly fast, no one could ever win a race against him.

Now some of his old enemies were badgering him even more, calling him names and asking him to change colors. He simply ignored them and kept going. One day in school, he could handle it anymore and roared as loud as he could, and them something happened, he started spinning his tail, spinning faster, faster, faster, faster, until he was a spinning tornado of spikes. He hurt many of his enemies, but he got sent home early. His parents were so shamed that they disowned him and banished him. He left wandering the skies.

While he was wandering, he came across a wizened old dragon, sleeping in his cave. Using his skills, the young dragon hides himself and starts creeping towards the old dragon. The old dragon awakes and looks around. The young dragon freezes as the old one looks exactly where he is standing blended. The old dragon moves so quickly the young dragon has barely any time to move. He has the younger in his hold! The younger dragon lashes his tail, knocking the other dragon back, and gets ready for a devastating blow! But as the tail is moving towards the older dragon, his tale is grabbed and he is flung against the wall! The older dragon pounces and hisses, “Give in and your life will be spared.” The younger dragon nods in terror and relaxes.

The old dragon drops him and starts walking away when the younger dragon asks, “What’s your name?”

“Florn,” the old dragon says.

“Wait, you’re not the Florn, the one from the ramavger wars?!?!” says the young dragon questionably.

Florn, mildly surprised says, “Yes, I am.”

“That is so awesome!!!” Says the young dragon enthusiastically.

Florn raises his brow ridges and starts walking again, stops, turns, and says, “Just for the sake of keeping things simple, what is your name?”

“Ummm…” The young dragon replies.

Florn sighs and says,”Please tell me you have a name.”

“Ummm…” Florn sighs again and says “Well, we will just have to name you now won’t we.”

“Ok!” says the young dragon excitedly. “Now why don’t we get some sleep and we’ll name you in the morning,” said Florn exasperatedly.

They both slept soundly that night. When they awoke,

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