Harry The Hippo by Vasili C.


One day Harry the hippo was hanging out at his normal pond when this rat came along andbit his tail. The hippo jumped high up and screamed out, “OW!” The hippo was badly bitten inthe tail and had a disease that the rat carried but he didn’t know it. Slowly the hippo got angryand hit the rat and smooshed it into the ground. The rat was dead and the hippo didn’t knowwhat he would say to the other animals so he ran away.

He ran and he ran and he ran until he could see nobody else for miles. He saw people upahead and then he ran to see them. He started to walk around and see the people because hehad never seen those people before in his life. They looked like giants from his level. Then helooked at one person and they reached around in her pocketbook to find her phone. He heardher call the animal control!

Once they came they took him and put a cover around his head so that he couldn’t see.Then they shoved him into a truck and rushed him to the zoo. When they took it off of his headhe saw that he was somewhere different. He saw other animals around him trapped. Then herealized that he was trapped in a cage too. Harry was sad and lonely and he missed his home.And from that day on he was trapped in a cage forever.

The moral is “Don’t run away from your problems!”

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