If I Were an Adult or One Day by Noah


It was a bright sunny morning, the morning of August 15, 2014. Noah woke up and to his surprise, found out he turned into a grown man overnight! At first he was alarmed at the fact, but then he realized he could do anything that he wanted to. He had a few things in mind and wanted them done right away. First he took off in his dad’s car and bought a Ferrari. He then raced downtown and bought a couple doughnuts, payed a speeding ticket and was off. Then while eating his doughnuts he bought a private jet and flew to Las Vegas. Noah needed money, and fast, so he turned to gambling. Noah ended up winning 9.5 billion dollars and donated one hundred million dollars to help save endangered species of animals. Then everyone realized how cool Noah was and impeached the president and elected Noah to be the new president. Noah then bought a Mercedes convertible and a Corvette for enjoyment and went to the Bahamas for a vacation. But then, while having a nice relaxing day, the man who gambled against Noah came up to him and nearly killed Noah. Noah became so frightened that he seemed to shrink and timed reversed. Before you knew it, Noah was lying back in his bed again, and to his unamusement, he was still a child.

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3 thoughts on “If I Were an Adult or One Day by Noah

  1. This is a really good story. I liked how you wrote it as a story instead of just a list of things. I also liked how you wrote it in third person.

  2. Cool post Noah. I would also want to drive when I get older. It is cool how you added the thing about the Bahamas because it is true.

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